Section: Software and Platforms

GkArrays – Indexing high throughput sequencer reads

Actively maintained.

Software self-assessment: A-3, SO-3, SM-3, EM-2, SDL-4, DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM-3

Software web site : http://crac.gforge.inria.fr/gkarrays/

Objective : Gk-Arrays is a C++ library specifically dedicated to indexing reads produced by high-throughput sequencers. This index allows to answer queries centred on reads. It also takes benefits from the input specificity to lower space consumption.

This library is the result of a collaboration with N. Philippe and T. Commes (IGH laboratory, Montpellier), M. Léonard and T. Lecroq (LITIS laboratory, Rouen) and É. Rivals (LIRMM laboratory, Montpellier).