Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

  • Clime is partner with INERIS (National Institute for Environmental and Industrial Risks http://www.ineris.com/en ) in a joint cooperation devoted to air quality forecast. This includes research topics in uncertainty estimation, data assimilation and ensemble modeling.

    Clime also provides support to INERIS in order to operate the Polyphemus system for ensemble forecasting, uncertainty estimations and operational data assimilation at continental scale.

  • Clime is partner with IRSN http://www.irsn.fr/ , the French national institute for radioprotection and nuclear safety, for inverse modeling of emission sources and uncertainty estimation of dispersion simulations. The collaboration aims at better estimating emission sources, at improving operational forecasts for crisis situations and at estimating the reliability of forecasts. The work is derived at large scale (continental scale) and small scale (a few kilometers around a nuclear power plant).

  • Clime takes part to a joint Ilab with the group SETH (Numtech http://www.numtech.fr/ ). The objective is to (1) transfer Clime work in data assimilation, ensemble forecasting and uncertainty estimation, with application to urban air quality, (2) identify the specific problems encountered at urban scale in order to determine new research directions.