Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • The ANR project Estimair aims at quantifying the uncertainties of air quality simulations at urban scale. The propagation of uncertainties requires the use of model reduction and emulation. A key uncertainty source lies in the traffic emissions, which will be generated using a dynamic trafic assignment model. Ensembles of traffic assignments will be calibrated and used in the uncertainty quantification. Estimair is led by Clime.

  • Clime is one partner of the ANR project GeoFluids. It focuses on the specification of tools to analyse geophysical fluid flows from image sequences. Clime objectives concern the definition of reduced models from image data.

  • Clime takes part to the ANR project IDEA that addresses the propagation of wildland fires. Clime is in charge of the estimation of the uncertainties, based on sensitivity studies and ensemble simulations.


  • Clime takes part to the PRIMEQUAL project PREQUALIF, “Programme Pluridisciplinaire de REcherche sur la QUALité de l'air en Île-de-France” (i.e., “Multidisciplinary Program on Air quality research in Île-de-France”). The objective is to investigate the impact of low emission zones. The project aims at designing a new generation of diagnostic tools for assessment of health and analysis of economic benefits attributed to traffic restrictions. Clime brings data assimilation expertise which allows to compute the most accurate air pollution maps.