Section: Software and Platforms


Participant : David Coudert.

Sagemath is a free open-source mathematics software aiming at becoming an alternative to Maple and Matlab. Initially created by William Stein (Professor of mathematics at Washington University), Sagemath is currently developed by more than 180 contributors around the world (mostly researchers) and its source code, developed in Python, Cython, and C++, has reached 350 MB.

It is of interest for Coati members because it combines a large collection of graph algorithms with various libraries in algebra, calculus, combinatorics, linear programming, statistics, etc. We use SageMath for quickly testing algorithms, analyzing graphs, and disseminating algorithms. We also use it for teaching purposes in the Master 2 IFI, stream UBINET.

In 2013, David Coudert has contributed to the development of the SageMath releases 5.0 to 6.0 with 10 patches (from bug fix to advanced graph algorithms) and participated to the reviewing process of more than 20 patches that are now part of the standard distribution.