Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


As said above, the members of the team, but one, are faculties of the Math. Department of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. The individual teaching duties are as high as 196h/year, with lectures ranging from 1st to 5th year. It is worth pointing out that S. Junca and S. Krell are affiliated to ESPE/IUFM with quite specific teaching duties for the formation of teachers, ranging from K-grades to pre-university. Their duties include visiting classes and mentoring students in the preparation of memoirs with a high professional content. We indicate below the most advanced lectures in which we have been involved:

  • F. Berthelin is in charge of the preparation to “agrégation” a national competition to hire teachers in mathematics. This is the most selective competition for teachers. With M. Ribot, F. Berthelin manages specifically the lectures in Analysis and Scientific Computing.

  • F. Berthelin: “Kinetic and hyperbolic PDEs”, master 2 lecture (2012-13)

  • R. Masson: “Finite volumes”, master 2 lecture (2012-13)

  • M. Ribot, T. Goudon, with P. Raphaël, D. Chiron, L. Michel will be in charge in 2015 of the M2 lectures of Analysis and Numerical Analysis, with a joint program devoted to various aspects of PDEs for fluid mechanics.

We are also at the initiative of creating a “Numerical Working Session” in the laboratory, which can be included in the doctoral formation. The session is based on the invitation of leading experts, with lectures completed by implementation exercises in order to learn new numerical methods (in 2014, the invited speakers are F. Boyer and F. Coquel).

Furthermore, team members have been invited for a couple of lectures abroad:

  • R. Masson: “Discretization for diphasic flows in porous media”, master lecture jointly with ENSG Nancy and Almata Kazahstan.

  • T. Goudon and M. Ribot with F. Coquel (CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique): “Numerical methods for conservation laws”, Summer School on Numerics and Control of PDEs, Indian Institute of Sciences, 2013.

  • T. Goudon: “From kinetic equation to conservation laws, hydrodynamic limits and kinetic schemes”, French-Mexican Meeting on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2013.


  • Aude Champmartin, post-doc 2012-2013, funded by Inria, currently post-doc CEA-Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, labo. J.-L. Lions.

  • Walid Kheriji, Post-doc funded by Total

  • Nathalie Ayi, PhD UNS, advised by F. Berthelin and L. Saint Raymond (ENS)

  • Pierre Castelli, PhD UNS, advised by S. Junca (PhD thesis under the wage-earning student regime)

  • Mayya Groza, PhD GdF-Suez, advised by R. Masson

  • Bastien Polizzi, PhD UNS, advised by M. Ribot and T. Goudon

  • Arthur Vavasseur PhD Ec. Normale Sup. Lyon, advised by T. Goudon

  • Yumeng Zhang, PhD Inria/Andra advised by R. Masson and T. Goudon