Section: Dissemination


R. Masson: Talk “mathematics in geosciences” for the prize-giving of the Olympiads of Mathematics 2013 at UNS

R. Masson: Article on the role of mathematics in petroleum engineering, in “L'énergie à découvert”, CNRS Editions, 2013.

T. Goudon: “Modelling and simulation of spacecraft charging”, European Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics, Springer 2012.

During the international program “2013, Mathematics of the Planet Earth”, supported by UNESCO, T. Goudon, with M. Andler, L. Bel, S. Benzoni, C. Imbert, A. Rousseau has animated the website mpt2013.fr with a daily short notice describing a mathematical activity in connection to the Planet Earth. This operation will be followed by a book, to be edited in 2014.

T. Goudon: “Mathématiques de la Planète Terre”, Textes et Documents pour la Classe (TDC), Scérén, CNDP-CRDP, 2013.

T. Goudon, with C. Calgaro and E. Creusé “Modélisation et simulation des avalanches de neige”, Matapli n. 100, 2013.

T. Goudon: Working session for teachers on “mathematics of the planet earth”, during the national meeting of the APMEP (national society of teachers in math), with F. Boyer, G. Chapuisat and J. Charrier from Marseille; this will be completed with talks in classes, with S. Krell.