Section: Overall Objectives


Our aim in this project is the development of modern tools of multi-scale modeling in biological phenomena (and in particular, for hematopoiesis). For the last four years, we have fixed the following objectives:

  • Multi-scale modeling will be carried out on the basis of coupled DPD-PDE-ODE models, where dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) will be used in order to describe individual cells and relatively small cell populations, partial differential equations (PDE) will be used to describe concentrations of bio-chemical substances in the extra-cellular matrix, and ordinary differential equations (ODE, deterministic or stochastic) for intra-cellular regulatory networks (Figure 1 ).

  • A new software "Cell dynamics" will be created in order to study these models numerically.

  • Partial differential equations (PDE) will also be used to describe cell populations considered as continuous medium. We will study reaction-diffusion-convection equations with or without hydrodynamics, transport equations (hyperbolic PDEs) in which the structure can be age, size, maturity, protein concentration, etc. In some particular cases, transport equations will be reduced to delay differential equations (DDE) which are less difficult to investigate analytically.

  • Numerical simulations will be compared with analytical studies of simplified test cases and model examples.

  • Numerical simulations will also be compared to the "Cell dynamics" approach.

  • Multi-scale models of hematopoiesis will be used to study normal situation or homeostasis where different cell types are in equilibrium with each other. This equilibrium is determined by intra-cellular regulatory networks and by numerous feedbacks by cell populations and other organs.

  • Development and dynamics of blood diseases will be modeled taking into account disequilibrium of regulatory networks or feedbacks. On the other hand, we will model various approaches to treatment of these diseases (chemotherapy, chronotherapy). We will compare then the results with available biological and clinical information.