Section: Software and Platforms

Experimental Setups

Experimental Platform for User Study of Curiosity-driven Exploration

Participants : Pierre Rouanet [correspondant] , Jonathan Grizou, Brice Miard, Julie Golliot.

This platform has been developed to investigate curiosity-driven behaviors and more precisely how humans explore new sensori-motor spaces. It consists in several simple games where users control a 2D/3D shape with the movements of their body. They have to discover the mapping between their movements and a shape displayed on the screen and learn how to make the controlled shape match the target one (fig 13 ).

Figure 13. A screenshot representing the game interface as seen by the user.

The software is entirelly written in Python. It includes a Kinect wrapper allowing the access of 3D position of tracked skeleton joints. It provides a framework for creating new games based on the 2D drawing library (pygame). It also includes a web server used to display game instructions, cut-scene videos and questionnaire.