Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Microsoft: Z-CloudFlow (2013-2016).

In the framework of the Joint Inria-Microsoft Research Center, this project is a follow-up to the A-Brain project (see below). The goal of this new project is to propose a framework for the efficient processing of scientific workflows in clouds. This approach will leverage the cloud infrastructure capabilities for handling and processing large data volumes. In order to support data-intensive workflows, the cloud-based solution will: adapt the workflows to the cloud environment and exploit its capabilities; optimize data transfers to provide reasonable times; manage data and tasks so that they can be efficiently placed and accessed during execution. The validation will be performed using real-life applications, first on the Grid5000 platform, then on the Azure cloud environment, access being granted by Microsoft through a "Azure for Research Award" received by Gabriel Antoniu. The project will also provide funding for a PhD thesis to start in 2014. It is being conducted in collaboration with the Zenith team from Montpellier (led by Patrick Valduriez).

Microsoft: A-Brain (2010–2013).

In the framework of the Joint Inria-Microsoft Research Center. See details in Section  4.1 . To support this project, Microsoft provided 2 million computation hours on the Azure platform and 10 TB of storage per year. The project funded a complementary expertise mission for Radu Tudoran (Mission complémentaire d'expertise, 3 years, started in October 2011).