Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


MapReduce (2010–2014).

An ANR project (ARPEGE 2010) with international partners, which focuses on optimized Map-Reduce data processing on cloud platforms. This project started in October 2010 in collaboration with Argonne National Lab, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the UIUC/Inria Joint Lab on Petascale Computing, IBM, IBCP, MEDIT and the GRAAL Inria Project-Team. URL: http://mapreduce.inria.fr/ .

Other National projects

HEMERA (2010–2014).

An Inria Large Wingspan Project, started in 2010. Within Hemera, G. Antoniu (KerData Inria Team) and Gilles Fedak (GRAAL Inria Project-Team) co-lead the Map-Reduce scientific challenge.

KerData also co-initiated a working group called Efficient management of very large volumes of information for data-intensive applications, co-led by G. Antoniu and Jean-Marc Pierson (IRIT, Toulouse).


We are members of the Grid'5000 community: we make experiments on the Grid'5000 platform on a daily basis.