Creation of the Project-Team: 2007 July 01, updated into Team: 2014 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Sebastien Benzekry [Inria, Researcher, from Jan 2013]

Michel Bergmann [Inria, Researcher]

Clair Poignard [Inria, Researcher]

Olivier Saut [CNRS, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Thierry Colin [Team leader, IPB, Professor, HdR]

Afaf Bouharguane [Univ. Bordeaux I, Associate Professor]

Charles-Henri Bruneau [Univ. Bordeaux I, Professor]

Mathieu Colin [IPB, Associate Professor]

Angelo Iollo [Univ. Bordeaux I, Professor, HdR]

Iraj Mortazavi [IPB, Associate Professor]

Kévin Santugini [IPB, Associate Professor]

Lisl Weynans [Univ. Bordeaux I, Associate Professor]


Marie Martin [Inria, from Sep 2013]

Federico Tesser [Inria, from Oct 2013 until Dec 2013]

PhD Students

Etienne Baratchart [Inria, granted by INSERM]

Perrine Berment [Univ. Bordeaux I, from Apr 2013]

Florian Bernard [from Oct. 2011, University grant]

François Cornelis [from Oct. 2010, CHU grant]

Alexia de Brauer [DGA, from Oct 2013]

Yoann Eulalie [from february 2011, granted by CIFRE-PO]

Olivier Gallinato [Univ. Bordeaux I, from Feb 2013]

Meriem Jedouaa [Univ. Grenoble I, from Oct 2013]

Xin Jin [from Oct. 2011, granted by CIFRE-Valeol]

Julien Jouganous [Univ. Bordeaux I]

Manuel Latige [CEA, until Sep 2013]

Guillaume Lefebvre [Univ. Bordeaux I]

Michael Leguebe [Inria, granted by ANR /10-INTCELL project]

Thomas Michel [ENS Cachan, from Oct 2013]

Vivien Pianet [Univ. Bordeaux I, from Oct 2012]

Chloe Mimeau [Univ. Grenoble I, from Oct 2011]

Francky Luddens [Inria grant, from Oct. 2013]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Julie Joie [Inria]

Yongliang Xiang [Univ. Bordeaux I, until Jan 2013]

Visiting Scientists

Jerry Bona [Invited Professor, from May 2013 until Jun 2013]

Hongqiu Chen [Invited Professor, from May 2013 until Jun 2013]

Patricio Andrés Cumsille Atala [Invited researcher, until Jul 2013]

Xuefeng Gao [Invited Professor, from Dec 2013]

Masahito Ohta [Invited Professor, from Sep 2013 until Sep 2013]

Administrative Assistant

Anne-Laure Gautier [Inria]


Fayçal Chaouqui [Inria, Trainee, from Jun 2013 until Sep 2013]

Cyril Gavoille [Inria, Trainee, from Jun 2013 until Sep 2013]

Salahdine Ouldahmed Valily [Inria, Trainee, from Mar 2013 until Jul 2013]

Paul Ternisien [Inria, Trainee, from Jun 2013 until Sep 2013]

Yannick Gorsse [Inria, until Jan 2013]