Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Creation of the Project-Team: 2011 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Francis Bach [Team leader, Inria, HdR]

Sylvain Arlot [CNRS, Researcher]

Simon Lacoste-Julien [Inria, Starting Research position]

Alexandre d'Aspremont [CNRS, Researcher, HdR]

PhD Students

Fajwel Fogel [CNRS]

Edouard Grave [Inria, granted by Ecole Polytechnique]

Senanayak Karri [Inria, granted by European Research Council]

Rémi Lajugie [Inria, granted by Fondation d'entreprise EADS]

Anastasia Podosinnikova [Inria, funded by MSR/Inria lab]

Fabian Pedregosa [Inria, joint with PARIETAL team, Saclay]

Florent Couzinié-Devy [ENS cachan, joint with WILLOW team]

Anil Nelakanti [granted by CIFRE]

Thomas Schatz [Univ. Paris VI]

Matthieu Solnon [ENS Paris]

Loic Landrieu [Corps IPEF]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mark Schmidt [Inria, until June 30 2013]

Nino Shervashidze [Inria]

External Collaborators

Toby Hocking [Tokyo Institute of Technology]

Rodolphe Jenatton [CRITEO]

Nicolas Le Roux [CRITEO]

Guillaume Obozinski [ENPC]

Visiting Scientists

Michael Jordan [Inria, from Sep 2012 until Jul 2013]

Bamdev Mishra [Université de Liège]

Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Polienor [Inria]


Matteo Tanzi [Intern from Mar 2013 until May 2013]

Aymeric Dieuleveut [ENS Paris, intern from Apr 2013]

Nicolas Flammarion [ENS Lyon, intern from Apr 2013]

Damien Garreau [ENS Paris, intern from 21 Oct 2013]