Section: Application Domains


In addition to tackling scientific challenges, our research on geometric modeling and processing is motivated by applications to computational engineering, reverse engineering, digital mapping and urban planning. The main deliverables of our research are algorithms with theoretical foundations. Ultimately we wish to contribute to making geometric modeling and processing routine for practitioners who deal with real-world data. Our contributions may also be used as a sound basis for future software and technology developments.

Our ambition for technology transfer is to consolidate the components of our research experiments in the form of new software components for the CGAL (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library) library. Through CGAL we wish to contribute to the “standard geometric toolbox”, so as to provide a generic answer to application needs instead of fragmenting our contributions. We already cooperate with the Inria spin-off company Geometry Factory, which commercializes CGAL, maintains it and provide technical support.

We also started increasing our research momentum with companies through advising Cifre Ph.D. theses and postdoctoral fellows.