Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Pierre Martinon [corresponding author] , Frédéric Bonnans, Daphné Giorgi, Olivier Tissot.

Web page: http://bocop.org

The Bocop project aims to develop an open-source toolbox for solving optimal control problems, with collaborations with industrial and academic partners. Optimal control (optimization of dynamical systems governed by differential equations) has numerous applications in transportation, energy, process optimization, and biology. The software reuses some packages from the COIN-OR library, in particular the well-known nonlinear programming solver Ipopt, features a user-friendly interface and can be deployed on Windows / Mac / Linux.

The project is supported by Inria with the recruitment of Vincent Grelard as developer in 2010-2012, Daphné Giorgi (Oct. 2012-Sept. 2014), and Olivier Tissot since October 2014. The first prototype was released at the end of 2011, Bocop is currently at version 2.0.1 and has been downloaded more than 700 times. The software was first succesfully tested on several academic problems, see [55] available on http://bocop.org . Starting in 2012, several research collaborations were initiated in fields such as bio-reactors for energy production ([13] , [26] ), swimming micro-robots ( [71] ), and quantum control for medical imaging ([35] ). Bocop was also featured during our participation in the Imatch "Optimisation and Control" in october 2013, leading to an ongoing contract with the startup Safety Line, on fuel optimization for civil aircrafts.

Bocop auto-assessment according to Inria notice: A3up4, SO3, SM3, EM3up4, SDL4up5

Figure 1. BOCOP
IMG/bocop-screen-init.png IMG/bocop-screen-batch.png