Section: New Results

Highlights of the Year

Optimization of running strategies based on anaerobic energy and variations of velocity

Participant : Frédéric Bonnans.

The paper [10] about running strategies proves Keller's conjecture. It was highlighted in SIAM Connect,see


Research and transfer collaboration in aeronautics with the startup Safety Line

Participants : Frédéric Bonnans, Daphné Giorgi, Stéphan Maindrault, Pierre Martinon.

Following the meeting with the startup Safety Line at Imatch "Optimisation and Control" in october 2013, we conducted a first collaboration of six months on optimizing the fuel consumption of civil airliners. This first step successfully established the proof of concept and was validated by actual test flights in June 2014, leading to a shared patent and the development of a specific module of our software 'Bocop', included in the tool 'OptiClimb' developed at Safety Line. Future prospects include improving the numerical robustness of the current tool, as well as expanding the optimization to the cruise flight in addition to the climb phase.

Figure 2. Plane climb phase (Boeing 737)
IMG/safetyline-bocop.png IMG/figSLbocop2.png