Creation of the Team: 2012 January 01, updated into Project-Team: 2013 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Dominique Lavenier [Team leader, CNRS, Senior Researcher, HdR]

Claire Lemaitre [Inria, Researcher]

Pierre Peterlongo [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Rumen Andonov [Univ. Rennes I, Professor, HdR]

Antonio Mucherino [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor]


Fabrice Legeai [INRA]

François Moreews [INRA]

Susete Alves Carvalho [INRA]

Alexan Andrieux [Inria, until Sep 2014]

Laurent Bouri [CNRS, granted by France Genomique from Dec 2014]

Sébastien Brillet [Inria, from Mar 2014]

Erwan Drezen [Inria, granted by ANR GATB project]

Anaïs Gouin [Inria, granted by ANR ADA-SPODO project]

Ivaylo Petrov [Inria, granted by Brittany Region, from Oct 2014]

Chloé Riou [Inria, granted by ANR COLIB'READ project, from Oct 2014]

Charles Deltel [Inria, Research engineer, 50% time dedicated to the GenScale project]

PhD Students

Antoine Limasset [Univ. Rennes I, from Sep 2014]

Gaëtan Benoit [Inria, granted by ANR HYDROGEN project, from Nov 2014]

Mathilde Le Boudic-Jamin [Univ. Rennes I]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rodrigo Bentes Kato [granted by Brazilian Government, from Nov 2014]

Douglas Goncalves [CNRS, until Mar 2014]

Visiting Scientists

Ba Diep Nguyen [granted by CNRS Mastodons program, from Nov 2014]

Stephen Richards [INRA, from Jun 2014 until Jul 2014]

Administrative Assistants

Marie-Noëlle Georgeault [Inria, until Feb 2014]

Isobelle Kelly [Univ. Rennes I, from Feb until Oct 2014]

Marie Le Roïc [Univ. Rennes I, from Nov 2014]


Guillaume Rizk [AlgoRizk, Research engineer, ANR GATB Project]