Section: Overall Objectives

High throughput processing of genomic data

GenScale is a bioinformatics research team. It focuses on methodological research at the interface between computer science and genomic. The main objective of the group is the design of scalable, optimized and parallel algorithms for processing the huge amount of genomic data generated by the recent advances of biotechnologies.

GenScale research activities cover the following domains:

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

    • Fast and low memory footprint assembly

    • Variant extraction on raw data (without assembly)

    • Mapping

  • High throughput sequence analysis

    • Bank to bank comparison

    • De novo comparative metagenomic

  • 3D Protein structures

    • Alignment, comparison, classification

    • Conformation extraction from NMR data

  • Bioinformatics workflow

    • Graphical capture

    • Parallel processing (cluster, cloud)

This pure computer science activity is maintained with strong collaboration with life science research groups on challenging genomic projects.