Section: Dissemination

Administrative duties

  • Member of the administrative council of ISTIC [R. Andonov]

  • ANR Evaluation Committee Generic Call [R. Andonov]

  • Member of the Scientific Council of Computational Biology Institute of Montpellier [D. Lavenier]

  • Permanent expert for the MEI (International Expertise Mission), French Research Ministry [D. Lavenier]

  • Member of the local Inria Rennes CDT (Technologic Transfer Commission) [D. Lavenier]

  • Member of the steering committee of the INRA BIPAA Platform (BioInformatics Platform for Agro-ecosystems Arthropods) [D. Lavenier]

  • Member of the steering committee of The GenOuest Platform (Bioinformatics Platform of BioGenOuest) [D. Lavenier]

  • Member of the local Inria CORDIS committee for PhD grants [C. Lemaitre]

  • Representative of the environmental axis of UMR IRISA [C. Lemaitre]

  • Inria center referee of Scientific mediation [P. Peterlongo]

  • Member of the redaction committee Ouest Inria [P. Peterlongo]

  • Recruitment committees: 1 professor [D. Lavenier], 2 assistant professors [C. Lemaitre, P. Peterlongo], 1 engineer (IE) [F. Legeai, chair]

  • Scientific Responsible for International Relationships at ISTIC [A. Mucherino]

  • Member of "Commission Affaires Internationales" at University of Rennes 1 [A. Mucherino]

  • AGOS first secretary [P. Peterlongo]