Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

DGASP: Discrete Geometry Problem solve with ASP

Participants : Douglas Goncalves, Antonio Mucherino.

This project was funded by Région Bretagne in the framework of the SAD call (Stratégie Attractivité Durable), from April 2013 to March 2014 and coordinated by A. Mucherino. It enabled to hire Douglas Goncalves as a postdoctoral student for 12 months for working on a discretizable class of distance geometry problems. The project is in collaboration with Carlile Lavor (IMECC-UNICAMP, Brazil) and Jacques Nicolas (Dyliss team, IRISA).

KoriKlast2: Intensive Sequence comparison

Participants : Sébastien Brillet, Erwan Drezen, Dominique Lavenier, Ivaylo Petrov.

This is a collaborative project funded by Région Bretagne (18 months, from June 2014) with 3 partners: the Korilog Company, the bioinformatics computing center of Roscoff and the GenScale team. The purpose is (1) to improve the KLAST software with new alignment methods developed by GenScale; (2) to extend the capabilities of KLAST toward metagenomic processing; (3) to develop a cloud version targeting huge sequence comparison processing.

Collaboration with IGDR (Insitute of Genetic and Development of Rennes)

Participants : Dominique Lavenier, Claire Lemaitre, Pierre Peterlongo, Guillaume Rizk.

We collaborate with several teams of the IGDR: Genetics of dog (detection of long non coding RNAs in collaboration with Thomas Derrien and Christophe Hitte) and Integrated Functional Genomics and Biomarkers (NGS analyses of glioblastoma cancer, project funded by INCa in collaboration with Marie de Tayrac and Jean Mosser).

Partnership with INRA

Participants : Susete Alves Carvalho, Anaïs Gouin, Dominique Lavenier, Fabrice Legeai, Claire Lemaitre, Pierre Peterlongo, François Moreews.

The GenScale team has a strong and long term collaboration with biologists of INRA in Rennes: IGEPP and PEGASE units. This partnership concerns both service and research activities and is acted by the hosting three INRA engineers (F. Legeai, F. Moreews, S. Alves Carvalho). In particular, the collaboration with the IGEPP team includes several research projects in which Genscale is a formal partner: PEAPOL and SPECIAPHID projects.