Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Master : O. Pourtallier lectured 6 hours on game theory to Master OSE (M2), at École des Mines de Paris, Sophia Antipolis, France


  • PhD in Progress : K. Bakal, Biomechanics of the upper limb, 2013, supervisors: D. Daney, J-P. Merlet, P. Gorce

  • PhD in Progress :M. Beninati, Legal aspect of assistance robotics, 2015, supervisor: J-P. Merlet

  • PhD in Progress : A. Berti, Forward kinematics of cable driven parallel robots, 2012, supervisors: M. Carricato, J-P. Merlet

  • PhD in Progress : L. Blanchet, Interference and modularity management in cable-driven parallel robots, 2011, supervisor: J-P. Merlet

  • PhD in Progress, H. Lamine, Cable-driven parallel robot for rehabilitation, 2013, supervisors: J-P. Merlet, L. Romdhane

  • PhD in Progress : A. Massein, Design of Smart Environment for Human Behaviour Recognition, 2013, supervisors: D.Daney, Y.Papegay

  • PhD in Progress : R. Ramadour, Visual servoing for cable-driven parallel robot, 2011, supervisors: F. Chaumette, J-P. Merlet


  • J-P. Merlet has been the member of the jury of 5 PhD defense and of one HdR