Section: New Software and Platforms


A large number of teams at Inria are developing hardware platforms whose development is quite different from pure software. In our case we have several of such platforms:

  • instrumented flat: HEPHAISTOS benefits from its own experimental workplace with a simulated flat that includes all the basic home elements (kitchen, bedroom, toilets, relaxation and rehabilitation area) (see http://www-sop.inria.fr/hephaistos/prototypes/main.html )

  • walking aids family ANG: ANG-light (for walking analysis), ANG-II (a fully motorized rollator) and ANG-med (with adjustable friction brakes in the rear wheels).

  • cable-driven parallel robots family MARIONET: MARIONET-ASSIST for transfer and manipulation, MARIONET-REHAB for rehabilitation purposes, MARIONET-VR for rehabilitation and training in an immersive room, MARIONET-SCHOOL for dissemination

  • miscellaneous robots and sensors: mobile robots (Roomba, Wanny, PoBots), a motion base supporting up to 250 kg, a motion capture system with 12 cameras, force plates ...