Section: New Results

Long term monitoring of civil engineering structure

ICT based software for thermal field long term monitoring of civil engineering structures

Participants : Antoine Crinière, Jean Dumoulin.

Aging of transport infrastructures combined with traffic and climatic solicitations contribute to the reduction of their performances. To address and quantify the resilience of civil engineering structure, investigations on robust, fast and efficient methods are required. Among research works carried out at IFSTTAR, methods for long term monitoring face an increasing demand. Such works take benefits of this last decade technological progresses in ICT domain. A multi-sensing techniques system, able to date and synchronize measurements carried out by infrared thermography coupled with various measurements data (i.e. weather parameters), have been designed, developed and implemented on real site. This smart sensor called IrLaw/SENSORBOX has been upgraded in order to reach full autonomy and its able to monitor over years civil engineering structures [57] , [17] , [36] .

Long term structural health monitoring architecture

Participant : Jean Dumoulin.

This work gives a brief description of the main activities and outcomes of the Integrated System for Transport Infrastructures surveillance and Monitoring by Electromagnetic Sensing (ISTIMES – www.istimes.eu) project, which was concerned with the development and implementation of a system able to couple the capabilities of long-term monitoring and quick damage assessment of the critical transport infrastructures. This was performed thanks to the integrated use of the novel and state of art concepts of Earth observation, ground-based sensing techniques and ICT architecture [47] , [48] .