Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Joachim Niehren [correspondant] , Antoine Mbaye Ndione, Guillaume Bagan.

SmartHal is a better tool for querying the HAL bibliography database, while is based on Haltool queries. The idea is that a Haltool query returns an XML document that can be queried further. In order to do so, SmartHal provides a new query language. Its queries are conjunctions of Haltool queries (for a list of laboratories or authors) with expressive Boolean queries by which answers of Haltool queries can be refined. These Boolean refinement queries are automatically translated to XQuery and executed by Saxon. A java application for extraction from the command line is available. On top of this, we have build a tool for producing the citation lists for the evaluation report of the LIFL, which can be easily adapter to other Labs.

See also the web page http://smarthal.lille.inria.fr/ .

This year, Smathal has been adapted for querying the version 3.0 of Hal. Moreover, maintenance and optimization has been proceded all over the year.

  • Version: SmartHal v1.0.0