Section: New Software and Platforms


Participant : Julien Diaz [correspondant] .

This software, written in FORTRAN 90, simulates the propagation of waves in heterogeneous 2D and 3D media in time-domain and in frequency domain. It is based on an Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method (IPDGM) and allows for the use of meshes composed of cells of various order (p-adaptivity in space).

This year, we have implemented the 3D version for the simulation of elastodynamic waves. This version handles polynomials of arbitrary order while the previous one was only able to deal with polynomials of degree up to three.

We have also improved the parallelism by coupling the code to a mesh partitioner and we have totally rewritten the code to handle MPI parallelism both for the construction of the matrices and for the time scheme.