Section: New Software and Platforms


Participant : Marc Duruflé [correspondant] .

Montjoie is a code developed by Marc Duruflé with contributions of students, including Juliette Chabassier during her PhD. It provides a C++ framework for solving partial differential equations on unstructured meshes with finite element-like methods (continuous finite element, discontinuous Galerkin formulation, edge elements and facet elements). The handling of mixed elements (tetrahedra, prisms, pyramids and hexahedra) has been implemented for these different types of finite elements methods in the context of Morgane Bergot's PhD. Several applications are currently available : wave equation, elastodynamics, aeroacoustics, Maxwell's equations. In 2014, the implementation of linearized Euler equations and Galbrun's equation has been improved and extended to the axisymmetric case. Raman effect has been implemented in the 1-D non-linear Schrödinger equation.

See also the web page http://montjoie.gforge.inria.fr .