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Section: New Results

Shoulder biomechanics

Participants : Armel Crétual [contact] , Michaël Ropars.

At first sight, in clinical practice, shoulder mobility is frequently evaluated through mono-axial amplitude. Interestingly, for diagnosing shoulder hyperlaxity or frozen shoulder, external rotation of the arm whilst at the side (ER1) is commonly used. We first gave a definition of hyperlaxity, as described actually in the literature, and its link with shoulder instability and treatment. After looking for an optimized way to examine external rotation of the shoulder, we proposed the definition of a novel index to quantify global shoulder mobility, the Shoulder Configuration Space Volume (SCSV) corresponding to the reachable volume in the configuration space of the shoulder joint [4] . Then, this new index was examined through correlation to shoulder signs of hyperlaxity [14] .