Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific events organisation

member of the organizing committee
  • IEEE VR 2015 Lab and project presentation Chair (M. Hachet)

steering committee
  • IEEE 3DUI (M. Hachet)

workshop organisation
  • first OpenViBE workshop, September 2014, satellite workshop of the 6th International BCI conference, Graz, Austria, co-organized with Inria teams Athena, Hybrid, Neurosys and with the company Mensia Technologies (F. Lotte)

  • BCI Workshop for art, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM), Germany, February 2014 (C. Múhl)

  • Interco3D Workshop at IHM14 (M. Hachet and F. Lotte)

  • Workshop «Perspectives on Gender and Product Design» at CHI 2014 (A. Brock)

International Tutorials and Summer/Autumn/Winter schools
  • "Design of BCI based on Oscillatory activity: signal processing and more", International BBCI Winter School on Neurotechnologies, Berlin, Germany, February 2014 (F. Lotte)

  • "EEG Signal Processing and Classification for Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI) Applications", with A.Konar and A. Sinharay , ICASSP 2014, , Florence, Italy, May 2014 (F. Lotte)

Scientific events selection

member of the conference program committee
  • 6th International BCI conference (F. Lotte)

  • CHI 2015 Program Committee (M. Hachet)

  • ITS 2014 Poster Committe (A. Brock)

  • MobileHCI 2014 Poster Committe (A. Brock)

  • PRNI 2014 (F. Lotte)

  • SUI 2014 (M. Hachet)

  • Web3D 2014 (M. Hachet)

member of award committee
  • Best talk and poster award committee, 6th International BCI Conference, Graz, Austria (F. Lotte)

  • PhD Thesis award 2014 from AFIA (French Association for Artificial Intelligence) (F. Lotte)

  • Best Poster award committee, SUI 2014, Honululu, USA (M. Hachet)

  • CHI 2014 (A. Brock, M. Hachet, F. Lotte)

  • CHI 2015 (A. Brock, M. Hachet, F. Lotte)

  • EICS 2014 (A. Brock)

  • Eurohaptics 2014 (A. Brock)

  • ICASSP 2014 (F. Lotte)

  • IEEE SMC 2014 (F. Lotte)

  • IHM 2014 (A. Brock, F. Lotte)

  • International BCI conference 2014 (F. Lotte)

  • ITS 2014 (A. Brock)

  • MobileHCI 2014 (A. Brock)

  • NordiChi 2014 (A. Brock)

  • PRNI 2014 (F. Lotte)

  • UIST 2014 (A. Brock, M; Hachet, F. Lotte)


member of the editorial board
  • journal ACM JOCCH Guest editor, Special issue on « Interacting with the past » 2014 (M. Hachet)

  • Brain-Computer Interfaces journal Guest editor, Special issue on “Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces”, 2014 (C. Múhl)

  • ACM TOCHI (F. Lotte)

  • BCI (F. Lotte)

  • Behaviour & Information Technology (A. Brock)

  • IEEE CG&A (F. Lotte)

  • IEEE Trans. Affective Computing (F. Lotte)

  • IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. (F. Lotte)

  • IEEE Trans. on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (J. Frey)

  • IEEE Trans. Cybernetics (F. Lotte)

  • IEEE Trans. on Haptics, Special Issue: Haptic Assistive Technology for Individuals who are Visually Impaired (A. Brock)

  • IEEE Trans. Human Machine Systems (F. Lotte)

  • International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (A. Brock)

  • JMIHI (F. Lotte)

  • J. Neural Eng. (F. Lotte)

  • Pattern Recognition (J. Frey)

  • PLOS-One (F. Lotte)

  • Presence (F. Lotte)

  • Proceedings of the IEEE (F. Lotte)