Section: Dissemination


  • Popularization talks

    • Presentation about Inria to High School Students during Aquitec, January (C. Jeunet)

    • Presentation about Cognitive Sciences and Inria to High School Students at a local high school, March (C. Jeunet)

    • Tangible and Gestural Interaction Forum (http://fitg.lille.inria.fr/ ), presentation (20mins) in Tourcoing, France, May 14th (J. Laviole)

    • Talk about Brain Computer Interfaces at "Café de la Connaissance", May (A. Cellard and C. Jeunet)

    • New European Media Summit, Brussels, Belgium , September 30th (J. Laviole, F. Lotte)

    • Presentation on "How to design the computers of the future" and speedmeeting during "Filles et mathématiques: une équation lumineuse" (event to raise interest in mathematics in female high school students), University Toulouse, December 10th (A. Brock)