Section: New Software and Platforms

AppsGate - Smart Home Application Gateway

Participants : Alexandre Demeure, James Crowley [correspondant] , Emeric Grange, Cedric Gerard, Camille Lenoir, Kouzma Petoukhov.

Smart Home Applications Gateway

PRIMA has participated in the development of the AppsGate Home Application Gateway Architecture. The AppsGate architecture is based on the HMI Middleware developed in cooperation with the IIHM and Adele groups of the UMR Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble (LIG). The HMI Middleware is designed to facilitate the development of end-user applications on top of the core software components described in the sections above, while ensuring service continuity and usability. The key features of the HMI Middleware include:

  • Integration of sensors and actuators managed by a variety of protocols, and provision of a uniform abstraction for these devices as component-oriented-services,

  • Integration of Web services made available on the cloud by a variety of web service providers, and provision of a uniform abstraction for these services as component-oriented-services,

  • Communication between the HMI middleware and client applications - typically, user interfaces for controlling and programming the smart home, that run on high-end devices such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

As part of the Appsgate middleware, we have developed SPOK, an End User Development Environment, that enables inhabitants to control and program their smart Homes via a web interface. The current version of SPOK includes an editor for editing programs using a pseudo-natural language and an interpreter. A multi-syntax editor as well as additional services such as a debugger and a simulator are currently under development.