Section: New Software and Platforms

a SmartEnergy Serious Game

Participant : Patrick Reignier.

This ongoing serious game is the result of a collaboration with Ayesha Kashif (LIG), Stephane Ploix (G-Scop) and Julie Dugdale (LIG). It has been developped as part of the Grenoble INP SmartEnergy project.

Inhabitants play a key role in buildings global energy consumption but it is difficult to involve them in energy management. Our objective is to make energy consumption visible by simulating inside a serious game the energy impact of inhabitants behaviours. A serious game is curently under development, coupling a 3D virtual environment and a building energy simulator. The 3D virtual environment is based on the JMonkey 3D engine. New houses can be easily imported using SweetHome 3D and Blender. The building energy simulator is EnergyPlus. The 3D engine and the energy engine are coupled using the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard. Using this standard will allow to easily switch between existing building energy simulators