Section: Dissemination


  • Maxime Amblard is member of the editorial board of interstice )i(, a french revue popularisation for computer sciences (http://interstices.info ). He is the head of the rubric informatique -ou presque- dans les films.

  • Maxime Amblard gave an interview for the journal du CNRS about Real Humans (a television drama series), may 2014.

  • Maxime Amblard has participate to a television report about the SLAM project for France 3 Lorraine, may 2014.

  • Maxime Amblard wrote an article about the SLAM project for the Journal du CNRS, january 2014.

  • In November, Bruno Guillaume has demonstrated the prototype ZombiLingo and Jiří Maršík the ACGTK graphical output during the “Forum Sciences Cognitive” in Nancy.

  • Jiří Maršík has participated to the regional final of the competition Ma thèse en 180 secondes.

  • Jiří Maršík gave a talk to high school students at the Summer Camp of Mathematics and Physics (Letní matematicko-fyzikální soustředění) about treating words as fractions and algebraic expression where syntacticality is verified by cancelling out, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University (Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta Univerzity Karlovy).