Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Bruno Guillaume [correspondent] , Guy Perrier.

Grew (http://grew.loria.fr ) is a Graph Rewriting tool dedicated to applications in NLP. It is freely-available and it is developed using the InriaGforge platform (http://gforge.inria.fr/projects/semagramme/ ).

Grew takes into account confluent and non-confluent graph rewriting and it includes several mechanisms that help to use graph rewriting in the context of NLP applications (built-in notion of feature structures, parametrization of rules with lexical information).

In 2014, an online version (http://talc2.loria.fr/grew/ ) of the tool based on the matching part was developped to illustrate its use (it is not possible to modify graphs). The user gives a pattern (eventually with some negative constraints) and Grew searches in a corpus the occurences on the given pattern in: the French corpus Sequoia is available (two versions are available: one containing surface annotation and one with deep annotation  6.4 ) and the German corpus Tiger is also avalaible for online pattern search.