Section: New Results

Deep Syntax Annotation of the Sequoia French Treebank

Marie Candito, Guy Perrier, Bruno Guillaume, Corentin Ribeyre, Karën Fort, Djamé Seddah and Eric de la Clergerie annotated the Sequoia French Treebank with deep syntax dependencies [14] .

The Sequoia French Treebank [47] is a 3.100 sentences treebank covering several domains (news, medical, europarl and fr-wikipedia). It is freely available and has already been annotated with surface dependency representations.

The participants in the project have defined a deep syntactic representation scheme for French, built from the surface annotation scheme of the Sequoia corpus and abstracting away from it [28] . This scheme expresses the grammatical relations between content words. When these grammatical relations take part into verbal diatheses, the diatheses are considered as resulting from redistributions from the canonical diathesis, which is retained in the annotation scheme.

The goal is to obtain a freely available corpus, which will be useful for corpus linguistics studies and for training deep analyzers to prepare semantic analysis.

The different steps of the annotation process were conducted in a collaborative way. As the members of the project are located in two different French towns (Paris and Nancy), they decided to produce a complete annotation of the TreeBank in both towns and to collaboratively adjudicate the two results.

Each team separately produced an initial annotated version of the mini reference. The final version, resulting from several iterations and adjudications, is available (https://deep-sequoia.inria.fr ).