Section: New Software and Platforms

Other developments

Participants : Maxime Amblard [correspondent] , Bruno Guillaume.

Main topics: data managment, disfluencies and dependency

  • Dep2pict (http://dep2pict.loria.fr ) is a program for drawing graphical representation of dependency structures of natural language sentences. An online version is available (http://wikilligramme.loria.fr/doku.php/dep2pict:demo ). In 2014, the Dep2pict was modified to take into account the modified format mixing surface and deep syntactic information used in deep-sequoia  6.4 .

  • A management chain of the transcriptions of interviews for the SLAM  project which productes of a full anonymized randomized version of the resources.

  • A program based on Distagger (disfluences) and MElt (POS and lemma) and proposes different repartition analyses.