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Section: New Results

Exploitation of the LVF (Lexicon of French Verbs)

Bruno Guillaume, Karën Fort, Guy Perrier and Paul Bédaride have worked on the LVF [53] ("Lexique des Verbes du Français", Lexicon of French Verbs). This large lexicon was build by two French linguists, Jean Dubois and Françoise Dubois-Charlier and contains detailed linguistic information about 12.308 lemmas of French verbs. The work presented in [21] describes experiments aiming at mapping the LVF to DICOVALENCE [87] . The two resources (LVF and DICOVALENCE) were built by linguists, based on very different theories, which makes a direct mapping nearly impossible. In the current work, we focus on the linguistic examples given in LVF. These examples are not sentences that can be parsed directly; the first part of the work was to express examples as real natural language sentence. It is then possible to use FRILEX, a Natural Language Processing lexicon based on DICOVALENCE to parse corrected examples given with LVF entries. This results in an automatic partial mapping of LVF entries against DICOVALENCE entries.