Section: New Results

Game With A Purpose

Crowdsourcing is nowadays a way of constructing linguistic resources which is more and more used. In the crowdsourcing area, one of the way to motivate a large amount of people to contribute to a project is to present it as a game. Games used in this particular way are called GWAPs (Game With A Purpose).

In Natural Language Processing, examples of GWAP are "Phrase detective" where games are asked to resolve anaphora in English texts and "JeuDeMots" where gamers have to given lexical terms related to a term given by the system (the goal is to build a semantic networks of French lexical items).

Karën Fort and Bruno Guillaume worked on the definition of a GWAP to help construction of syntactically annotated corpora. With a student (Hadrien Chastant), they presented in April, the design of ZombiLingo [20] , a GWAP that allows for the dependency syntax annotation of French corpora. The main aspects of this work are to explain: how to deal with the complexity of the task, how to motivate gamers to contribute and how to ensure that a large numbers of gamers will help to produce an high quality linguistic resource.

With another student (Valentin Stern), a first prototype was built. This first version implements only a part of the mechanisms described in the previous work and it is used as a proof-of-concept of a future game. This prototype was presentend at the TALN conference in July [27] .