Section: New Software and Platforms


The objective of the Selalib project (SEmi-LAgrangian LIBrary) is to develop a well-designed, organized and documented library implementing several numerical methods for kinetic models of plasma physics. Its ultimate goal is to produce gyrokinetic simulations.

Another objective of the library is to provide to physicists easy-to-use gyrokinetic solvers, based on the semi-lagrangian techniques developed by Eric Sonnendrücker and his collaborators in the past CALVI project. The new models and schemes from TONUS are also intended to be incorporated into Selalib.

In addition, the CEA of Cadarache is interested by the development of this library, which picks up and extends many methods implemented in GYSELA, a code developed at CEA Cadarache for simulating turbulence in magnetic fusion plasmas, in particular, in view of the ITER project. Eric Sonnendrücker who is now in Munich continues to work on Selalib. A joint development of Selalib between Strasbourg and Munich allows both partners to benefit of each other's work.

Selalib is a library of FORTRAN modules. The CEA Cadarache has advised this language, because it is widespread in the engineering and physics communities. In this way, we hope that it will be spread among researchers interested in plasma simulations.

Selalib is under GPL license and available on the Inria Forge (http://selalib.gforge.inria.fr/ ).