Section: New Software and Platforms


Participant : Damien Saucez [contact] .

Among many options tackling the scalability issues of the current Internet routing architecture, the Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) appears as a viable solution. LISP improves a network's scalability, flexibility, and traffic engineering, enabling mobility with limited overhead. As for any new technology, implementation and deployment are essential to gather and master the real benefits that it provides. We propose a complete open source implementation of the LISP control plane. Our implementation is deployed in the worldwide LISP Beta Network and the French LISP-Lab testbed, and includes the key standardized control plane features. Our control plane software is the companion of the existing OpenLISP dataplane implementation, allowing the deployment of a fully functional open source LISP network compatible with any implementation respecting the standards. As of 2015, OpenLISP is still used to provide connectivity between satellite sites of the LISP-Lab project and has been used as LISP implementation for PACAO, an overlay aiming at optimising Cloud access in distributed data-centers.

  • http://www.lisp-lab.org/

  • Version: 3.2

  • ACM: C.2.1, C.2.2, C.2.6

  • Keywords: routing, LISP, control-plane

  • License: BSD

  • Type of human computer interaction: XML, CLI

  • OS/Middleware: POSIX

  • Required library or software: Expat 2

  • Programming language: C

  • Documentation: Unix man

  • Deployment: ddt-root.org