Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific events selection

  • Stéphane Cotin made reviews for the following conferences:


    • VCBM (Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine)

    • and MICCAI.

  • David Cazier made reviews for the conference:

    • Computer Graphics International (CGI)

  • Nazim Haouchine made reviews for the conference:

    • International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging


Reviewer - Reviewing activities
  • Stéphane Cotin made reviews for:

    • the Medical Image Analysis journal.

  • Hadrien Courtecuisse made reviews for:

    • IEEE Haptics Symposium,

    • Transactions on Haptics,

    • The Visual Computer,

    • Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing.

  • David Cazier made reviews for:

    • the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) journal,

    • the Visual Computer journal.

  • Huu Phuoc Bui made reviews for:

    • the Computational Mechanics journal,

  • Nazim Haouchine made reviews for the journal:

    • IET Computer Vision

  • Rosalie Plantefeve made reviews for the journal:

    • IJCARS

Invited talks

  • Stéphane Cotin has been invited speaker:

    • keynote lecture at "Open Your Mind" seminar series, ECAM (Paris, France),

    • keynote lecture at the 10th MICCAI Computational Biomechanics Workshop (Munich, Germany)

    • keynote lecture at Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine (Chester, UK),

    • invited talk at HCST Medical Robotics (Tel Aviv, Israel),

    • invited speaker at the International Conference on Augmented and Virtual Reality (Salento, Italy).

  • Hadrien Courtecuisse has been invited speaker:

    • in the legato team at the Computational Mechanics department of the Luxembourg University July 2015,

    • at SINTEF Technology and Society Medical Technology Department. Trondheim, Norway,

    • at HCST Medical Robotics symposium. Tel-Aviv, Israel.

  • Hugo Talbot has been invited speaker:

    • at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in July 2015, Germany.

    • at the AVR Salento conference in October 2015, Italy.

Figure 16. Presentation of SOFA at the conference AVR Salento in Lecce (Italy)