Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors


In 2015, MIMESIS invited several visitors:

  • Jim Ueltschi (founder of the HelpMeSee non-profit organization)

  • Karol Miller (Winthrop Professor, School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, The University of Western Australia)

  • Stéphane Bordas (LEGATO team, Luxembourg)

  • Karel van Gelder (Product manager, MOOG, Amsterdam)

  • Alexandre Krupa (Inria, Rennes)

  • Mathias Brieu (Laboratoire de Mécanique, Ecole Centrale Lille)


In 2015, the MIMESIS welcomed two international interns (for 6 months):

  • Santiago Camacho, Universidad de Buenos Aires, worked on "Improvement of Visualization Tools for Augmented Reality Applications"

  • Sabrina Izcovich, Universidad de Buenos Aires, worked on "Quadratic Tetrahedron Element for FEM simulations".

Visits to International Teams

Explorer programme

This year, Hugo Talbot obtained an Inria Explorer grant in the context of a partnership with the Harvard BioRobotics Laboratory from Harvard, Cambridge. The Explorer programme covered the one-month visit (June 2015). This visit allowed to discuss about our respective work around simulation, especially concerning simulation in the field of cardiology. This was also the opportunity to establish several academic and industrial contacts in the United States. Hugo Talbot namely visited:

  • Thermedical: is a company developing a new generation of radio-frequency catheters.

  • Center of Medical Simulation: is a simulation center focusing on training based on mannequins.

  • SimQuest: is a company developing simulation technologies for medicine, very close to the research topic of our team.

  • Surgical Planning Laboratory (Brigham and Womens' Hospital) is a research center very close to the clinics and working mainly on medical imaging, but also interested in the medical simulation.

  • CIMIT: is a research center developing mannequins for training.