Section: New Software and Platforms


Grains with Liquid Meniscus under Heating

Functional Description

The GLiMuH code is devoted to the understanding of how heat diffuses in an assembly of solid grains separated by air and water. In the pendular regime, the quantity of water is very small, leading to liquid bridges between the grains. In the current approximation, the grains are spherical in shape, and the numerical simulation is done in a 3D axisymmetric coordinate system. The shape of the liquid/gas interface is computed by integrating a differential algebraic system of equations, with a given quantity of water per unit volume of the porous medium, and under the constraint of a given contact angle between the liquid/gas interface and the solid boundaries. The numerical results allow us to estimate the effective thermal conductivity of a real wet granular medium, which is required to establish more realistic models for the HeMaTiS code.

  • Authors: Édouard Canot, Salwa Mansour and Renaud Delannay

  • Contact: Édouard Canot