Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Advection - Simulation - Scientific calculation - Dispersion - Geochemistry

APP: version 2.0, April 2014, registered

Programming language: C

Current work: refactoring

Functional Description

Reactive transport modeling has become an essential tool for understanding complex environmental problems. It is an important issue for MoMaS and C2S@EXA partners, in particular Andra. We have developed a method coupling transport and chemistry, based on a method of lines such that spatial discretization leads to a semi-discrete system of algebraic differential equations (DAE system). The main advantage is to use a complex DAE solver, which controls simultaneously the timestep and the convergence of Newton algorithm. The approach SIA uses a fixed-point method to solve the nonlinear system at each timestep, whereas the approach SNIA uses an explicit scheme.

  • Authors: Yvan Crenner, Caroline De Dieuleveult, Jocelyne Erhel, Souhila Sabit, Nadir Soualem

  • Partner: ANDRA

  • Contact: Jocelyne Erhel