Section: New Results

Formal semantics and model-based analysis of AADL specifications

Participants : Loïc Besnard, Etienne Borde, Thierry Gautier, Paul Le Guernic, Clément Guy, Jean-Pierre Talpin, Huafeng Yu.

Last year, the SAE committee on the AADL adopted our recommendations to implement a timed and synchronous behavioural annex for the standard. We have defined a new model of polychronous constrained automata that has been provided as semantic model for our proposal of an extension of the AADL behavioural annex. An experimental implementation of the semantic features of this “timing annex” will be provided through the Polychrony framework. For that purpose, representations of automata have been introduced in the Signal toolbox of Polychrony. The implementation will enrich the already existing transformation from AADL models to Signal programs to consider behaviour of AADL models, and will be integrated in the POP environment for Eclipse. The transformation from AADL behaviour annex to Signal programs use the Signal extension for polychronous automata, which are used as the common semantic domain. The implementation is currently tested with the adaptive cruise control case study developed with Toyota ITC.

Our work with the SAE committee is sponsored by Toyota, with whom we started a new project in 2014 jointly with VTRL as US partner. The main topic of our project is the semantic-based model integration of automotive architectures, virtual integration, toward formal verification and automated code synthesis [19] . The project led to the elaboration of a case study of an adaptive cruise control system, supported through an AADL implementation and a video of demonstration. The case study implementation is an AADL model representing the whole adaptive cruise control system, from car devices (e.g., brakes, throttle or radar) to software behavior, including embedded hardware (buses, processors and memories). It will be used in the future to demonstrate property and constraint analyses through heterogeneous systems. Huafeng Yu, our main collaborator at Toyota ITC, presented the video of demonstration at the annual Toyota show case. Early returns from the show case express a growing interest of Toyota for architecture and timing of car embedded systems, which could lead to new collaborations.