Section: New Software and Platforms

Module CGAL: Scale-space surface reconstruction

Keyword: Geometric algorithms

Scientific Description

This package implements a surface reconstruction method which takes as input an unordered point set and computes a triangulated surface mesh interpolating the point set. We assume that the input points were sampled from the surface of an object. The method can also process point sets sampled from the interior of the object, although we cannot provide guarantees on the output. This method can handle a decent amount of noise and outliers. The point set may greatly undersample the object in occluded regions, although no surface will be reconstructed to fill these regions.

See http://doc.cgal.org/latest/Scale_space_reconstruction_3/index.html

Functional Description

This method reconstructs a surface that interpolates a set of 3D points. This method provides an efficient alternative to the Poisson surface reconstruction method. The main difference in output is that this method reconstructs a surface that interpolates the point set, as opposed to approximating the point set. How the surface connects the points depends on a scale variable, which can be estimated semi-automatically.