Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Grand Emprunt

Culture 3D Clouds (started in October 2012, duration 3 years) is a national project aimed at devising a cloud computing platform for 3D scanning, documentation, preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage.

Information and communication technologies in the world offer new possibilities for cultural exchange, creation, education and shared knowledge to greatly expand the access to culture and heritage. Culture 3D Cloud is part of a process that aims to create a technical breakthrough approach in the field of digitization of heritage artifacts to allow the emergence of new viable business models. Today the field of 3D scanning artifacts heritage evolves slowly and only provides resources for researchers and specialists and the technology and equipment used for 3D scanning are sophisticated and require highly specialized skills. The cost is significant and limits the practicality. Culture 3D Clouds project aims at empowering the photographers and the distribution to the agencies and image banks that will develop a value chain to commercialize 3D reproductions demand for their customers and expand the market valuation of business assets (commercial publishers, public).

Partners: IGN, CMN, RMN, Inria, EISTI, CNRS-MAP, UCP-ETIS, CEA, HPC Project, ValEISTI, BeIngenious.

Web site: http://c3dc.fr/ .