Section: New Software and Platforms

Asapknn (MediEgo)

Keywords: Widget web - Social network - Recommendation

Functional Description

Asapknn (MediEgo) is a solution for content recommendation based on the users navigation history. The solution 1) collects the usages of the Web users and store them in a profile, 2) uses this profile to associate to each user her most similar users, 3) leverages this implicit network of close users in order to infer their preferences and recommend advertisements and recommendations. MediEgo achieves scalability using a sampling method, which provides very good results at a drastically reduced cost.

  • Participants: Antoine Boutet, Jacques Falcou, Jean Francois Verdonck, Anne Marie Kermarrec, Sebastien Campion, Rachid Guerraoui, Davide Frey and Arnaud Jegou

  • Partner: EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • Contact: Sebastien Campion