Section: New Software and Platforms


Browser-to-browser serverless toolboxes

Functional Description

Brow2Brow is an “Action de Development Technologique”, i.e. a collaborative development project that aims at providing a middleware and software library for browser-to-browser applications. Brow2Brow involves the ASAP team as well as the DICE Team from Inria Grenoble (Antenne de Lyon). The project seeks to provide an alternative to the current model followed by Web2.0 applications by exploiting the recently introduced WebRTC standard. Existing Web 2.0 applications collect data on browsers and send it to servers that store and process it. The goal of Brow2Brow is to provide an alternative approach where browsers can themselves proceed to collaborative data processing. This will make it possible avoid data concentration at a single server. The project has resulted so far in the development of WebGC, a library for gossip-based applications on browsers.

  • Participants: Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Davide Frey and Raziel Carvajal Gomez

  • Contact: Raziel Carvajal Gomez