Section: New Software and Platforms


MediEgo Dashboard: A personalized news dashboard

Keywords: Recommender system - Personalized stream of news - Dashboard

Functional Description

This work has led to the development of MEDIEGO Dashboard, a personalized news recommendation system. In MEDIEGO Dashboard, users benefit from a personalized stream of news matching their interests. Additionally, users can use explicit subscriptions as well as post content and navigate through tags. MEDIEGO Dashboard is available through a web interface and a mobile-based Android application. To provide personalization, MEDIEGO Dashboard exploits the users’ opinions regarding their received news to identify users with similar interests. MEDIEGO Dashboard is centralized and it allows us to test and evaluate different recommendation schemes. In collaboration with EIT/ICT Lab, an experiment has been conducted with a set of users at Trento (Italie). This experiment allowed us to collect traces and to perform a user survey to assess and improve our solution. This solution will soon be interconnected to P2P-AllYours.

  • Participants: Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Antoine Boutet, Yuri Barssi and Jean Francois Verdonck

  • Contact: Anne-Marie Kermarrec

  • URL: http://www.mediego.com