Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Cooperation with SIGMA group

Participants : Thomas Ledoux [correspondent] , Simon Dupont.

In 2012, we have started a cooperation with Sigma Group (http://www.sigma.fr), a software editor and consulting enterprise. The cooperation consists in a joint (a so-called Cifre) PhD on eco-elasticity of software for the Cloud and the sponsorship of several engineering students at the MSc-level.

As a direct consequence of the increasing popularity of Cloud computing solutions, data centers are rapidly growing in number and size and have to urgently face with energy consumption issues. The aim of Simon Dupont's PhD, started in November 2012, is to explore the software elasticity capability in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development to promote the management of SaaS applications that are more flexible, more reactive to environment changes and therefore self-adaptive for a wider range of contexts. As a result, SaaS applications become more elastic and by transitivity more susceptible to energy constraints and optimization issues.

In 2016, Simon Dupont defended his PhD on "Cross-layer elasticity management for Cloud: towards an efficient usage of Cloud resources and services" [12]. Besides, we focused on ElaScript, a domain-specific language that offers Cloud administrators a simple and concise way to define complex elasticity-based reconfiguration plans [23].