Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

RFI Atlanstic 2020


Participants : Thomas Ledoux [coordinator] , Frederico Alvares, Zakarea Al Shara.

The high-level objective of the 1-year CoMe4ACloud (Constraints and Model Engineering for Autonomic Clouds) project is to provide an end-to-end solution for autonomic Cloud services. To that end, we rely on techniques of Constraint Programming so as a decision-making tool and Model-driven Engineering to ease the automatic generation of the so-called autonomic managers as well as their communication with the managed system.

CoMe4ACloud is an Atlanstic2020 funded project and supports a post-doc position. The project is led by Ascola research team and involves also AtlanModels and TASC, all of them from the LINA (Nantes Computer Science Laboratory) and situated at Ecole des Mines de Nantes. See https://come4acloud.github.io for more information.

Pays de la Loire


Participant : Jean-Marc Menaud.

SyMeTRIC is a regional federated project in Systems Medicine funded by the Pays de la Loire region. Systems Medicine approaches can be compared to Systems Biology. They aim at integrating several information sources to design and validate bio-models and biomarkers to anticipate and enhance patients following (diagnosis, treatment response prediction, prognosis).

The long term goal of SyMeTRIC is to build a common Systems Medicine computing infrastructure to accelerate the discovery and validation of biomarkers in the fields of oncology, transplantation, and chronic cardiovascular diseases.